OH THE HORROR! Of horror movie remakes…

Am I the only one who used to get excited about my favorite horror movies being brought back to life, only to have that hope crushed like Quint in the Jaws of a Great White shark? Yet, time and again I still have a glimmer of hope as the next remake rolls out. My latest disappointment, none other than Pennywise himself, Steven Kings “IT”.


First, the new goth-ish/steam punk wannabe Pennywise, is a disappointment to say the least. I think any fan of the original movie was skeptical of finding someone who could rival Tim Curry’s interpretation of the sum of our ultimate fear, but now I don’t think they even tried. It appears they wanted to go darker, but really how much darker can you get than a fear eating entity that murders children? As everyone knows, “Pennywise the dancing clown”, was only a facade to lure in children. How is the new Marilyn Manson of clowns supposed to accomplish this?

Second, this story is not told as adults coming back to destroy evil, with flashbacks to the ultimate childhood trauma. In my opinion, the terror they felt as adults added to the fear factor of original movie. When Mike calls each member of the “losers club” to tell them “It’s back”, the sheer terror in each reaction is a build up to what’s to come.


This is all based on the trailer, as the movie has not been released yet, but already I am feeling let down by another remake from my childhood. Maybe I will have to eat my words after watching the movie, but I doubt it.